Effective Therapy for Individuals, Couples & Families
Jim Squire MDiv Registered Psychotherapist     

 Effective Therapy for Individuals, Couples & Families

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    Our family of origin or the family we were born into influences us through our lifespan, although we generally leave our families physically we rarely leave them emotionally. Our family of origin dynamics have far reaching influences on our thoughts, emotions, behaviours, life satisfaction and psychological wellness. Consequently families can be a tremendous source of joy and support to our well-being but also a place of pain and heartache.

    The family systems approach views families as systems and problem formulation as circular rather than linear, in other words a change in one family member's functioning influences other members functioning. Dr. Bowen a psychiatrist  was a pioneer in family therapy felt our ability to appreciate ourselves as part of but also separate from our families is an important ingredient in healthy psychological functioning.  Put simply as we reach adulthood we develop independence and a sense of autonomy however too often we stay overly emotionally connected to our families which renders us dependant on our family's acceptance of our decisions and plans for our life.  

     Families our are first experience with relationships and the health of those connections influences whether we view relationships as places that are nurturing and safe or unpredictable and anxiety ridden.  Families must evolve and change to meet new demands and adjust as member’s age, many problems are rooted in a lack of adjustment. Families must also cope and adapt to divorce, remarriage, illness, death and challenges such as addiction/mental health issues, however these challenges are not easy without help from a skilled, caring professional.  

     In my experience an objective, empathetic and skilled therapist can help families cope with, overcome or resolve a range of problems. I have considerable training in working with families, I would be happy to discuss your situation and present a plan for how we can move forward together. I offer a  free 15 minute consultationhaving a good connection with a therapist is a key part of achieving success in therapy, in fact it matters more than what approach is used.  Contact Jim today @ 416 826 0842 or jimsquire.counselling@gmail.com