Jim Squire Psychotherapy

Psychotherapist in North York, Markham & Toronto, ON

I am a warm, caring and compassionate Psychotherapist, I have been helping people create the life they desire for over 14 years.

Are you feeling stuck in negative patterns, anxious, depressed, overwhelmed, struggling with unsatisfying relationships or a painful past?

I am here to listen and help you find solutions that are practical and effective.

None of us can see ourselves or our problems objectively.

I can help you gain self-awareness, understanding and the skills to have a more fulfilling life.

There is no need to face your struggles alone.

Our Services Include: Couples Therapy/Counselling | Individual Therapy/Counselling | Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) | Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) | Areas Of Focus

I Offer a Free 15 min initial Consultation, Contact Jim Today (416) 826-0842

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  • Am I Addicted?

    How Much is too Much? All of us from time to time over-indulge but if it becomes a pattern we can find it impacting our life negatively. Frequent over-indulging is usually a way of coping, the question is often why am I feeling the need to escape? In fact, addiction put simply is a way or coping (or escaping) pain or discomfort although because it's unhealthy we call it maladaptive coping. There is no set quantity or frequency that signals a problem, we know its a problem when it impacts our life negatively. For example our relationships, health or finances are suffering…

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  • Why Am I So Negative?

      You’re not alone if you feel that your brain tends to focus on the negative more, in fact everyone struggles with this to some degree. Research has shown that our brain responds more frequently to stimuli it deems negative and that it has a greater sensitivity to anything negative.  There is a theory referred to as negative evolutionary bias which states those that have a brain that focuses more on the negative tended to survive longer and therefore had a greater opportunity to procreate and pass on their genes. I often explain it to clients that one of the…

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Jim Squire Psychotherapy

Psychotherapist in North York, Markham and Toronto, ON

The first step is often the hardest but every journey must start with a first step! I offer a free 15 minute consultation contact Jim today @(416) 826-0842

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