What To Expect...


zoom session

Before we meet I will send you intake forms to be filled out. When we sit down together for the first time we will discuss why you've come and what your concerns are. I will ask some relevant questions about your life so I can get a sense of what your world is like for you. For couples and families it is the same process but we will take turns sharing, each person will have equal opportunity to speak. My job is to make you feel as comfortable as possible and ultimately to feel safe.

In the first session we will discuss goals you have so we have a framework for working together and I know that we are working on what's important to you. Most people come for at least five sessions and start by attending weekly however it is up you whatever suits your schedule and budget. Unlike many Psychotherapists, I don't mind an email or phone call between sessions if life gets hard, I view us working together as sharing a journey.