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A reality of human existence is we cannot see ourselves as clearly as others can. There are many reasons for this, mainly it boils down to how hard it is to look at ourselves honestly and objectively. Bonding is a large part of being healthy and consequently, rejection, isolation and loss are incredibly hard to cope with. From our first moments, we start to form attachments and these experiences influence our view of relationships as safe or unsafe and unpredictable, this understanding is thought to influence all future relationships.

Often through our childhood, we have been taught to reject or deny parts of who we are which can manifest in a sense of emptiness and interfere with our ability to bond and connect authentically with others. When this happens we can turn compulsively to substances, sex, gambling or other unhealthy behaviours to cope. Issues from the past even those out of awareness can be worked through effectively over time provided a person feels safe and accepted. Often Individual Therapy has to do with discovering who you really are and developing the courage to be more authentic.

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