Is the Route to Happiness Self-acceptance?

By Jim Squire MDiv RP |

We are inundated with images and messages that happiness is something we acquire, that the new iPhone or Mercedes will give us the sense of fulfillment or happiness we are lacking. Billions if not trillions of dollars are made each year under these false assumptions. The reality though is happiness is an inside job, yes we have the power to create happiness for ourselves. Self-doubt and harsh self-judgment can rob us of positive feelings and keep us from feeling a sense of fulfillment in our life which can erode our happiness. Self-doubt and self-judgement often have their roots in negative appraisal from peers, parents or teachers which can fuel a negative bias towards ourselves or the habit of “beating ourselves up”. So how do you start accepting ourselves, first of all look at your intent instead of the outcome, top comparing yourself to others and allow yourself to fail. In a nutshell start being more understanding and compassionate with yourself and try treating yourself as you would a close friend, you'll be surprised how much difference it makes