• What Makes Jim Squire and Associates Psychotherapy Stand Out

    By Jim Squire MDiv RP |

    Best Psychotherapist Toronto

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. If you’re looking for more information about  Jim Squire and Associates Psychotherapy , you’ve come to the right place.

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  • Making New Year's Goals? This Will Help you Succeed!

    By Jim Squire And Associates Psychotherapy |

    There is a lot being written about how to succeed with goals at this time of year so much so that it almost seems like the topic is exhausted. However I am writing about an area that I believe can help you succeed and it isn't talked about as much. I'm referring to the attitude that we approach ourselves while striving to achieve goals. In my years of experience the more open and forgiving we are to a set back has a lot to do with whether we will succeed with our goals. Everyone for the most part has a…

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