Making New Year's Goals? This Will Help you Succeed!

By Jim Squire Psychotherapy |

There is a lot being written about how to succeed with goals at this time of year so much so that it almost seems like the topic is exhausted. However I am writing about an area that I believe can help you succeed and it isn't talked about as much. I'm referring to the attitude that we approach ourselves while striving to achieve goals. In my years of experience the more open and forgiving we are to a set back has a lot to do with whether we will succeed with our goals. Everyone for the most part has a bad day or couple days during the change process. However, how we perceive that set back makes all the difference. Do we accept it as a minor issue, evaluate what went wrong, learn and move on or do we end up being stuck in a sense of failure?
Viewing ourselves as a failure triggers guilt and often shame which robs us of the mindset and motivation we need to succeed. Bottom line, if we don't believe we can do something we never will, we will hit some obstacle and give up thinking we are accepting the reality that we can't do it.
Certainly setting realistic goals is also important but being compassionate with yourself as you try and change ingrained habits will lead you to success far more often than a rigid unforgiving mindset. If your still struggling then give me a call I have helped thousands of clients make lasting changes.